Sm-ART Youth Project 2015-2018

Partnering Organization

The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC)

Project Period

The first 3-year cycle was completed in 2015 and now the second cohort has begun their Sm-ART journey in Sept 2015 until 2018.


40 students in P4 to P6

  • First 3-year cycle: St Bonaventure Catholic Primary School & Sheng Kung Hui Kei Fook Primary School
  • Second 3-year cycle: St Bonaventure Catholic Primary School & St Joseph Primary School

What is Sm-ART Youth Project?

Through a three-year journey of year-round exposure to diverse arts disciplines in and outside of the classroom, Sm-ART Youth enables underprivileged children to nurture a questioning mind, to understand the self and beyond, and to locate meaning in their young lives.

Sm-ART Youth empowers these children to grow in confidence and life skills. Students show increased initiative, creativity and problem-solving skills.

This programme is founded on the concept of inter-generational teaching and learning with volunteer training and contribution.

3-Year programme structure

Year 1 (Bronze)

Knowing the arts, the self & learning to question

Students begin exposure to music, art and drama performances, learning skills like how to question without fear and using their imaginations.

Year 2 (Silver)

Exploring the arts further, linking & understanding classroom to performances

Students go deeper with their learning, continuing meaningful learning dialogue with tutors.

Year 3 (Gold)

Setting goals for an action plan, developing & completing an arts project

Students finesse the skills of creating, following an action plan, developing and completing an Individual Project to graduate from Sm-ART Youth. Awards are given to those with special achievements.

Videos: Documentary & Visual Diaries